2021 Subaru Outback for sale in Texas

2021 Subaru Outback

The 2021 Subaru Outback is back for another outstanding year of adventure and exciting destinations. This year, the Outback line showcases seven models, each with their own identifying features and each one ready to take you as far as you can go. Subaru continues its legacy of safe, durable, and long-lasting vehicles with the latest line of Outback vehicles. Look deeper into your love of driving by experiencing everything the newest Subaru Outback has to offer, including improvements in performance, the latest innovating technology, and a more modern design with that classic Subaru feel. 

The Most Comfortable Outback Yet

The 2021 Outback is the latest in Subaru's sixth generation of Outback models. 8.7 inches of ground clearance makes tough roads and obstacles a breeze, and the famed flat roof with raised roof racks lets you bring everything you need with you. This year's Outback features lengthened dual-LED headlights for increased visibility and a more athletic look. The easy-access five door vehicle boasts the classic Outback look with a smoother series of lines and contours to fit in with the modern climate.

The inside is more luxurious than ever. Seating for five in a spacious cabin provides outstanding headroom for everyone, and is only enhanced by an optional panoramic moonroof. Choose from premium leather or cloth upholstery, or even the patented StarTex interior which only adds to the vehicle's durability by repelling water and other stains.

The Best of Modern Technology

The 2021 Subaru Outback comes with the best of Subaru technology, increasing their safety capabilities and available infotainment systems. Embedded in the center console of your brand-new Outback is an available 11-inch touchscreen equipped with Subaru's own StarLink. StarLink connects seamlessly to your compatible smartphone so you can have your phone, apps, messages, music and more right at your fingertips.

Standard on several of the Subaru Outback models in their state-of-the-art EyeSight system. Subaru's EyeSight is an aid to your eyes and ears while driving in any situation and can take some of the stress out of potentially precarious situations. The safety system operates through a series of cameras and radar attached to the vehicle, and provides such features as lane change assist, adaptive cruise control, and automatic pre-collision braking. EyeSight also helps you stay centered in your lane, provides you with adaptive high-beams, and the additional driver distraction mitigation system helps you stay alert through a series of audio and visual alerts.

Amazing Outdoor Capability

Don't let the style and luxury of this newest Subaru fool you when in fact the 2021 Outback is more athletic than ever before. As with all Subaru's of its kind, the Outback comes standard with the brand's famed symmetrical all-wheel drive. Standard with the Subaru is a 2.5L DOHC engine with an output of 182 horsepower. The engine controls power distribution that can adapt as you drive and manage varying weights easily, making your drive smoother than ever before.

Available with some models is the option for X-Mode driving, which optimizes engine output and monitors wheel spin on low friction roads such as deep snow, mud, or heavy rain. The system also allows for maximum traction in nearly any condition.

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2021 Subaru Outback Review