Blue Subaru WRX STI 

The Subaru brand has endeavored to create stylish, capable, and durable vehicles for drivers everywhere for over fifty years. With a clear-cut foothold in the market for SUV's, crossovers, and compact outdoor vehicles, Subaru has been a great contributor towards the high demand for family and outdoor vehicles. Subaru's are primarily known for their longevity, and as it stands over 90% of Subaru vehicles sold in the last ten years still remain on the road today. The Japanese automotive brand has a long and decorated history, spanning through world war two and beyond, and today has developed a celebratory reputation among its drivers throughout the world.

The Subaru company saw its beginnings not in automotive production, but rather through the verging aircraft and aerospace industry of the 1950's under the name Fuji Heavy Industries. The company manufactured airplanes and airplane components for the Japanese during World War 2, and due to the aftermath of the war was split into several parts. Many of these subsidiary companies would reunite and once again become Fuji Heavy Industries, but would soon move to primarily function within the globally rising automotive business under the Subaru Name. The term Subaru is the Japanese name for the Pleiades constellation, and the depiction of this star cluster soon became the notorious Subaru emblem that is placed on every modern-day Subaru.

The newly founded Subaru automotive company were quick to release and begin selling vehicles. The brand was already behind such brands as Ford, General Motors, Chevrolet and more, and they scrambled to release their first vehicle, the Subaru 1500. Quickly discontinued for supply issues, the Subaru company modified their vehicle lineup to create the Subaru 360, a small, two door vehicle intended primarily for traveling within urban centers. A major breakthrough at Subaru came in 1965 with the release of the Subaru 1000, which contained the companies first signature Boxer engine that would become today's gold standard of Subaru vehicles everywhere.

Throughout the decades, Subaru was quick to utilize marketing strategies to best portray their vehicles to many diverse populations. Today, we see an appeal to those who find a passion for the outdoors and an overall love of driving. Subaru has found a real niche with the rising demand of SUVs, crossovers, and compact SUV's since the mid-1990's. Early models of the Outback and the Forester were very utilitarian compared to their modern-day versions, with boxy exteriors and less-than luxurious insides. They were however extraordinarily long lasting and reliable, which jump-started their modern day rise to popularity. Subaru also maintains a foothold in motorsports, and even has their own racing organization named the Subaru Road Racing Team which has competed in many modern-day races and events.

Although Subaru maintains its headquarters in its place of origin in Tokyo, Japan, the brand has had a massive footing within the Unites states since the late 1960s. Subaru of America was initially founded in Pennsylvania, but today they have their largest manufacturing plant located in Lafayette, Indiana. Subaru has developed quite the following throughout the decades, and today remains a household favorite.

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