Ownership Benefits

Benefits of owning a Subaru 

Subaru Ownership Benefits

For Subaru of America, simply owning one of the best adventure vehicles on the market isn't enough and brings a world of benefits to Subaru owners. From the newest Ascents to the most exciting model of the Outback, the Outback Wilderness, Subaru owners now have access to discounts, perks, and access to financial programs. These are possible due to the wide range of partnerships and sponsorships on Subaru's behalf, including the ASPCA, Liberty Mutual Insurance, and so much more. Along with the many benefits of using your Subaru for the day-to-day, you now have a new level of access with several organizations to accompany your adventurous lifestyle.

Membership Access and Discounts

Subaru owners often experience the new and exciting elements of life while traversing the country in their Crosstrek or Forester, and now get access to elements to ease the drive. Subaru owners get a four-month free trial of Sirius XM, which grants usage of over 300 channels featuring the best in news, talk radio, comedy, music, and more.

Subaru owners also are eligible for Subaru Advantage Insurance through the Liberty Mutual Insurance Company. The Subaru Advantage Insurance plan is an amazing option with a ton of advantages for Subaru owners. These include accident forgiveness, roadside assistance, multi-car discounts, and options for replacing your car parts with genuine Subaru parts, so you can always have your car as close to its original state as possible. Find out how you can save with Liberty Mutual's Subaru Advantage Insurance.

Subaru loves pets, and pets love us! Subaru takes great pride in its animal welfare initiatives which include pet adoption campaigns, pet safety studies, and more. Subaru's partnership with the ASPCA makes helping pets so much easier, and now you too can benefit from discounts on pet insurance. Get a free quote from the ASPCA Pet Insurance website and save up to 20% on your furry friend's health insurance.

Financial Programs

Subaru of America helps you maintain the value of your vehicle by simply just owning a Subaru. They offer programs such as the Subaru TradeUp Advantage program, which gives you the benefit of trading in your current Subaru for a newer model that offers better safety features, lower mileage, and the newest options available on vehicles. Subaru also offers a guaranteed trade-in value program, which guarantees the trade-in value of your new Subaru starting after 12 months of ownership to 8 years.

On top of Subaru-specific finance perks, you also get a free Subaru badge of ownership that details your interests and the number of Subarus owned all neatly placed on a decal made for your vehicle. You also get shipping discounts on Subaru gear, as well as a 7-year subscription to Drive Magazine.

Event Perks and Discounts

Subaru sponsors events all over the country every year. Often they take part in events about environmental awareness, supporting their sports and racing division, or simply because they want to be a part of something fun and exciting. You can check our calendar on our website for upcoming events near you, and to find out if your ownership status can help grant you special or discounted access.