What is project 2020?

Project 2020 reflects our commitment to make your sales experience at Subaru of Midland Odessa truly exceptional.  Our goal is to sell 2020 vehicles by the year 2020. And we want to get there by saying thank you and rewarding your love for Subaru of Midland Odessa.

How does it work?

Whenever you refer Subaru of Midland Odessa to a friend or family member there is a reward for both of you, if the referred person purchases a vehicle. Whenever one of your referred friends purchases a vehicle at Subaru Midland Odessa:You get:

  • A $200 discount on your next vehicle purchase
  • A $200 coupon with our service department
  • A $200 gift card

Your friend gets:

  • A $200 coupon with our service department

All this on top of the Lifetime love and other promotions currently running at SMO.The offer is valid during the whole of 2019, until the 31st of December. Only at Subaru Midland Odessa.

How to refer a friend?

It is simple!

  1. Just send us an email with the name of your friend
  2. When your friend comes to visit us, he should notify the sales person that he's been referred
  3. When your friend purchases a vehicle, we will write you with the details to pick up your coupons


Q: Can I refer someone who has bought from Subaru Midland Odessa before?
A: No, referrals are for new customers only.

Q: Can I refer more than one person?
A: Of course! You can refer as many friends, co-workers of family members as you can, and we'll give you your coupons each time.

Q: When should these referrals be submitted?
A: Submit referrals to our email inbox at least 24hours before they come into our store. Make sure that it's in our inbox before the person visits us.

Q: I just found out that my friend recently bought a vehicle from Subaru of Midland Odessa. Can I refer someone after they visit?
A: Sorry, no after-the-fact referrals. Referrals must be submitted before a new customer visits the store or buys from us! This helps us keep this program fair for all.

Q: Who can I contact with other questions?
A: Reach out to our sales manager for any other questions you may have on our referral program. We always love when our customers have an experience good enough to share. If you have someone to refer, we'd love to say thanks! Tell a friend, let us know and get rewarded today.