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Spark Plug Replacement in Midland, TX 

Sparkplug Service & Replacement at Subaru of Midland Odessa

Have you ever thought to yourself, "I wonder if I should change the spark plugs in my car?" You are not alone if this has happened to you. Out customers frequently ask this question of their service advisor, and, as a general rule, we recommend replacing spark plugs every 30,000 miles, which is consistent with the recommendations of most manufacturers. For information unique to your make and model car, consult your owner's manual or the manufacturer's website. Are you in the Midland, Odessa, or Big Spring areas and think your sparkplugs may need servicing? Come visit us at Subaru of Midland Odessa and we'll get your engine fixed up in no time!

What Do Spark Plugs Do?

One of your vehicle's main lifelines includes the spark plug. Your vehicle will not start without it working properly. Electricity was a crucial aspect of vehicle operations even before electric vehicles became widespread. The spark plug produces a spark that ignites the gasoline in the engine, causing it to combust, and therefore start. The number of spark plugs you have is determined by the number of cylinders in your engine. A four-cylinder engine has four spark plugs, while a six-cylinder engine has six. Some variants come with two spark plugs per cylinder, allowing for even more precision when starting up. A gap is required for the spark plug to function properly. A spark plug gap tool is used to set the space between the spark plugs. Otherwise, the part will not function correctly, and the air and fuel mixture will not ignite.

Issues Caused by Old Spark Plugs

Naturally, you want to get the full 30,000 miles out of your spark plugs. However, if they are causing issues, time should not be taken into account. Replacements are inexpensive and will eliminate all of the following problems:

  • The engine is misfiring or running irregularly.
  • Your vehicle will not start or may start slowly.
  • The engine is making a lot of noise and does not appear to be functioning properly.
  • Your gasoline use appears to be increasing for no apparent reason.
  • When you try to accelerate, you feel a lack of power.

Benefits of New Spark Plugs

When you replace your old spark plugs with brand new ones, your vehicle will start more easily and promptly. You won't have to be concerned about becoming trapped during your busy day. Fully functional spark plugs will boost the performance of your car while lowering emissions into the atmosphere. As a result, new spark plugs make your car more environmentally friendly. Everyone likes to save money, and your new spark plugs will help your vehicle get better gas mileage. New spark plugs are inexpensive and will rapidly pay for themselves in fuel savings.

Seriousness of Spark Plug Issues

If your spark plugs malfunction and cause misfiring or other issues, you should replace them right away. Failure to do so could result in damage to your catalytic converter or other engine problems. You don't want to end up spending thousands of dollars on a new engine because the spark plugs were not replaced.


If you think your Sparkplugs may be in need of servicing, contact our service department or schedule an appointment online and our service professionals will get you safely back on the road.