Subaru EyeSight Safety System

Subaru takes on an entirely new frontier in safety systems as the brand prepares for a better, safer future to give all of its drivers' peace of mind. As early as 2013, Subaru began their journey of using cameras as a second pair of eyes in a handful of vehicles, and has since improved drastically on their line of safety technology into today's Subaru EyeSight System. Using a series of cameras, radar, and additional optics, Subaru has implemented EyeSight with outstanding success. Their revolutionary package not only comes with many features found standard on their vehicles, but has also proven to reduce injuries in a rear-collision accident by nearly 85%. Find out more about Subaru EyeSight and how it adds to the value of your Subaru in terms of safety.

There are many great features that combine to form Subaru EyeSight, but one of the more exciting features is their adaptive cruise control system. The adaptive cruise control system can help you handle even the most crowded traffic conditions as you drive. On your steering wheel, there is a set of buttons that allow you to program in your preferred speed as well as set a desired distance away from the vehicle in front of you. Two front-facing cameras lock on to the vehicle ahead of you, and accelerates and brakes according to your preset desired separation distance. This system works hand-in-hand with EyeSight's lane tracing and centering assist system to help keep you from drifting or swaying into the lane that is next to you.

Subaru Eyesight not only helps you navigate the road ahead, but also provides additional support for what is behind you. In general, Subaru vehicles are not so large as to leave you with the blind spots that a large SUV or heavy duty truck may leave you with, but a rear camera still provides a 180 degree view of everything behind you. The EyeSight System also comes with a rear cross-traffic alert system, so whenever the camera detects motion of any kind, a series of visual and audio alerts prompt you to take additional caution when in reverse. Navigating out of small parking lots, sensing oncoming traffic, and making sure your immediate area is free and clear of pedestrians and other drivers is easier than ever. You can even clean your rear-view camera with ease by activating your rear-windshield wiping fluid.

The safety suite from Subaru also includes a series of additional functions that can help see things you cannot and even help you prevent accidents. The blind spot detection system can see five feet on either side of your vehicle, and activates lights on the rear-view mirrors when another vehicle is detected in this area. Eyesight also features pre-collision braking, which helps stop or slow your vehicle when it detects sudden or unexpected obstacles in front of you. The pre-collision system also reduces power that is sent to the engine when obstacles are detected. Thanks to Subaru EyeSight, IIHS awarded Subaru the Safety Pick of the Year Award in both 2019 and 2020.