How safe are Subaru?

Subaru Safety

Subaru has worked tirelessly for decades to provide drivers across the world with safe, capable, and durable vehicles. Even their models from years past have boasted amazing safety ratings through the sheer strength of their vehicle frames, quality construction, and more that were engineered to protect both driver and passengers. For over fifty years, each Subaru Legacy, Outback, Forester, and more have been made with their drivers in mind. Today, Subaru implements advanced modern technology to continue their legacy of notoriously safe vehicles.

Subaru makes safety accessible to everyone by making their Subaru EyeSight Safety System come standard with many of their more recent vehicle lineups. The system utilizes a series of cameras both on the front and rear to provide its drivers with a second set of eyes to help navigate through even the toughest scenarios. A rear backup camera gives you 180 degrees of view behind your vehicle, and when motion is detected the vehicle sends you a series of visual and audio alerts. Adaptive cruise control allows you to set your preferred speed and distance away from the vehicle in front of you, and helps accelerate and brake to maintain these parameters. Lane tracing is the science behind the lane centering and departure alert systems available to help prevent you from straying outside of your lane. EyeSight also provides pre-collision warning and braking systems to reduce the damage from a frontal collision or prevent them altogether.

Another exciting feature that is available from Subaru is their DriverFocus Distraction Mitigation System. This is a feature that comes to Subaru vehicles more recently, and comes as an additional option along with the Subaru Safety Suite. The DriverFocus system works with Subaru EyeSight to help drivers stay focused on the road while operating a vehicle. When DriverFocus detects that the driver's eyes and head are not facing forward, an audio alert followed by a visual notification appears on the MID screen behind the steering wheel to help focus your attention. This is a great system for new drivers, and helps prevent accidents by keeping your eyes on the road.

Subaru now utilizes one of the most exciting and convenient safety features, Subaru StarLink. StarLink allows drivers to access security and straighter from your compatible smart phone, and allows you to access your vehicle through the My Subaru App. Enjoy features such as remote start, automatic collision notification, vehicle locator, stolen vehicle recovery, and more. You can also use Subaru StarLink from inside your Subaru, where you can send out an SOS in case of emergency just by pressing a button. In a collision involving airbag deployment StarLink sends out an alert for you to local first responder agencies.

Safety in Subaru vehicles aren't just limited to exciting new technology, but rather on their gold standard of outstanding quality. A ring-shaped, reinforced frame is pivotal in the structural integrity of many Subaru models and a low placed engine gives additional protection to the passenger side of the vehicle. Additionally, the majority of Subarus have features such as traction and stability control, symmetrical all wheel drive, and ABS systems.