Subaru StarLink keeps you safe!

Subaru StarLink

Subaru has dedicated many of its resources to turn your driving experience into a one-stop entertainment and informational hub. As time progresses, technology in vehicles becomes more and more exciting and convenient, taking the guesswork out of driving and relieving the boredom of being a passenger on those long drives. There isn't too much that StarLink can't do for you on those grand Subaru adventures, as it covers safety, security, internet access, navigation, music, and so much more. Accessible both from inside your vehicle or on your smartphone, find out what advantages there are with Subaru StarLink.

Entertainment and Multimedia

StarLink is the center hub for the vehicle's entertainment system. There is so much you can do through Subaru StarLink, it makes those long drives an absolute breeze. From the display screen in your Subaru's center console, you can access apps for Pandora, podcasts, audiobooks, and more. You can even take your own entertainment with you, as Subaru StarLink is compatible with many modern smartphones using Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The Starlink system is Sirius XM enabled, so you have the option to access hundreds of stations suitable for many different tastes.

Using your phone connected directly by one of the available USB ports or through Bluetooth, you have access to many of your phone's features. Voice commands are also possible with StarLink, and accessible through the push of a button on your steering wheel or through your Google activation system made available through your smartphone. Also available is the option to turn your StarLink system into a Wi-Fi hotspot, so you can stream, share, and more on the go.

Easy Navigation

StarLink gives you multiple options for Navigation. You can use StarLink's own navigation system using TomTom's GPS systems, use a navigation system from your phone to be displayed on your touchscreen, or download one of the many navigation apps available from your vehicle.

StarLink Concierge is an exciting and easy to use system that acts as your own personal trip planner that is accessible wherever you go. From the Concierge feature, you can make reservations with hotels and restaurants, purchase tickets for events, and even schedule your next service appointment for your vehicle. If you're in a new place and not sure where to go, your StarLink concierge can also search for local points of interest. 

The Best in Safety

Subaru StarLink gives you immediate access to your vehicle's most precious information straight to your smart phone. StarLink sends you automatic collision notifications, maintenance notifications, vehicle health reports, diagnostic alerts, and even alerts when your car alarm is activated. The system also helps you in the event of your vehicle being stolen, using a stolen vehicle immobilizer and a stolen vehicle GPS recovery system. StarLink also automatically notifies first responders in the event of an airbag deployment so no matter your location you can always feel safe.

Take advantage of the remote services also offered by StarLink for the ultimate in convenience. With StarLink, you can start your car, access climate control, use your horn and lights, and locate your vehicle all from your smartphone.