Suspension Service

Suspension Service

Suspension Service at Subaru of Midland Odessa

Have you ever driven or ridden in a vehicle that moves and bounces with every bump in the road, big or small? It can be frustrating, nauseating, and even dangerous to drive a vehicle that can’t drive smoothly and predictably. The suspension system of a vehicle is designed to minimize turbulence caused by the imperfections in the road. If your suspension system is worn down or damaged, you could experience an uncomfortably bumpy ride. Keeping your suspension system in good condition helps you stay in control of your vehicle, which is paramount for your safety out on the road. The best way to protect your vehicle’s suspension is through routine suspension service. Texas drivers in or around DallasAlpine, or Fort Stockton can find quality suspension service at Subaru of Midland Odessa.

The Purpose of the Suspension System

As we briefly mentioned above, the goal of your vehicle’s suspension system is to provide a smooth ride by minimizing how much your vehicle moves in response to changes in the road’s surface. The suspension system is a part of the vehicle’s chassis. A group of parts, such as struts, sway bars, springs, and dampers, make up this important system. They absorb shock and movement, keep your vehicle balanced during turns, and make your rides more comfortable and smoother. If any of these parts get damaged, you may notice a considerable difference in your vehicle’s performance and handling. Suspension service, including inspections and repairs, helps you protect your suspension and keep your vehicle performing at its best.

When to Schedule Suspension Service for Your Vehicle

Our team in our service center at Subaru of Midland Odessa will help you determine the best routine maintenance schedule for your vehicle based on its manufacturer’s recommendations. Even if you keep up with your routine suspension service, you never know if there will come a time when your suspension gets damaged in the time between appointments. So, you’ll want to schedule suspension service if you notice any of these signs of damage:

  • A rougher/more turbulent ride
  • Uneven tire wear
  • A slower response from your brakes
  • A slower response when you accelerate
  • Damaged shocks/oil on the shocks
  • Your vehicle pulls to one side
  • You hear a clanking or squeaking sound while braking or driving
  • Your vehicle seems to sit lower on one of its corners

As you can see, suspension damage can show up in a variety of ways. If you think your vehicle is experiencing any of these issues, it’s best to schedule an inspection as soon as possible to rule out any serious damage. Keep in mind that a problem with your vehicle may go unnoticed for a period of time, so keeping up with your routine suspension service is the best way to find a problem before it grows and becomes more expensive to repair.

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